Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the questions that may be on your mind about the new timetable commencing in April.

Why are we changing the timetable?

The number of people using Melbourne's train system is growing every day.

One of the ways we are helping move more customers every day is by changing and adding services to the timetable.

As our fleet of new trains expands, we plan to make two timetable changes each year.

Why aren't there any new services on my line?

Metro is progressively increasing service frequencies across the entirety of Melbourne's metropolitan rail network, but it takes time.

While it would be ideal to allocate additional train services to every line in the April timetable change, limited resources, particularly train fleet, and constrained track capacity means that this is not readily achievable. Resultantly, the allocation of new services must be prioritised accordingly.

The recent rail extension to South Morang, which also included duplication of tracks between Keon Park and Epping, has provided the necessary infrastructure to not only bring much needed train services to South Morang and surrounding communities, but has also provided sufficient flexibility to meet the significant customer demand which has been experienced on the South Morang and Hurstbridge lines.

We know we have a long way to go, however during 2012 we will continue to introduce new trains and increase infrastructure capacity to allow for the introduction of more services.

Why have some of the journey times increased?

Journey times have been revised to reflect actual journey times. This will significantly reduce delays and therefore provide customers with a higher level of reliability and confidence in the scheduled timetable so planning your journey can be more accurate.

Why don’t all lines get a train every ten minutes on the weekend?

The additional 920 new and extended services Metro has introduced since October 2010 have greatly improved overcrowding and increased late night travel options for Melbourne's commuters. Additional services and increased kilometres however also impact train maintenance requirements, which requires increased maintenance capacity and more trains.

The recent completion of a new train maintenance facility at Craigieburn has increased and improved Metro's train maintenance program and allowed for more trains to operate. Although the continual introduction of new trains, will offset the current competing demands between maintenance and service availability, current infrastructure does not allow a 10 minute frequency at all locations.

When will the next major timetable change be?

Another timetable change will be introduced later in 2012 following the completion of the Sunbury Electrification project.

Will there still be extra services for events?

With the new weekend services, there will be less need for extra services for events on certain lines. Extra services will still be added where required to ensure there’s enough capacity for all of Melbourne’s big events.

Where can I collect a new timetable?

Timetables will be available from Sunday April 8 at all premium stations and InfoCentral at Flinders Street Station.

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